knitted blouse
knitted blouse

Tera, Blouse - Chickpea

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Plain sweater


100% Cotton (Organic)


  • Classic 100% cotton knit quality
  • 100% Natural material and breathable quality
  • Hole pattern knitted
  • Styles knitted in a wide variety of patterns and colours for kids of all ages
  • Colour: Chickpea

Style No: 241-809-30


Wash by hand, Drying - Do not tumble dry

Bleach - Do not bleach , Ironing - Cold iron, Dry Clean - Dry clean possible

Certified Organic Cotton

Certified Organic Cotton

This product is made of certified Organic Cotton.

Our Organic Cotton is made from non-genetically modified plants, without the use of any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Organic Cotton helps promote and enhance biodiversity and biological cycles.

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