Diaper bag & accessories

At MarMar Copenhagen, you'll find a great selection of diaper bags and accessories for your diaper bag. Our diaper bags are spacious and stylish, designed to meet Your needs when you're on the go with your baby.

Crafted with you and your baby's comfort in mind, our diaper bag features sturdy, wide straps and an extra-long strap, allowing you to carry the bag over your shoulder or hang it on the stroller, making it both practical and versatile.

With a combination of button and zipper pockets on the front, as well as convenient bottle pockets, you have easy access to all the necessary gear.

Inside, the bag has a clever compartmentalization, making it easy to organize and find your belongings. The bag also comes with a changing pad, making diaper changes on the go practical, hygienic, and comfortable.

Changing pads can also be purchased separately if an extra one is needed, or to keep one in the car if necessary.

Our diaper bags are not only practical but also safe for your baby and environmentally friendly.

They are certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, meaning they meet strict safety standards and are free from harmful substances.

In addition to our diaper bags, we also offer a wide range of accessories such as burp cloths, wet wipe covers, toiletry bags, and extra changing pads. Everything you need to make diaper changing easy and convenient.

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Nursing Bag, Diaper bag - Alpaca Stripe
Nursing Bag, Diaper bag - Fleur
Aros, Toilet bag - Alpaca Stripe
Aros, Toilet bag - Beige Rose Girls
Aros, Toilet bag - Fleur
Changing Mat, Changing mat - Soft Cheek Stripe
Changing Mat, Changing mat - Blue Stone Stripe
Wet Wipe Cover, Wet wipe cover  - Soft Cheek Stripe
Wet Wipe Cover, Wet wipe cover  - Blue Stone Stripe
Ada (2-pack), Muslin cloth - Delicate Rose
Wet Wipe Cover - Little Acorns
Wet Wipe Cover - Meadow Leaves
Nursing Bag, Diaper Bag - Wood
Shopper, Bag - Leopard
Nursing Bag, Diaper Bag - Leopard
Shopper, Bag - Sandstone
Wet Wipe Cover, Wet wipe cover - Morning Dew
Wet Wipe Cover, Wet wipe cover - Beige Rose
Ada (2-pack), Muslin Cloths - Morning Dew
Ada (2-pack), Muslin Cloths - Grey Sand
Ada (2-pack), Muslin Cloths - Beige Rose
Ada (2-pack), Muslin Cloths - Gentle White
Wet Wipe Cover - Grey Sand