Bottoms for children are stylishly designed with a focus on comfort and durability, as clothes for children must be functional and comfortable to wear in an active everyday life. Our bottoms are primarily made in soft and flexible qualities. Trousers and skirts made of woven fabrics have elastic or ties at the waist, so the size can be adjusted and give the child the desired freedom of movement. MarMar children's styles come in the following sizes: 2 years to 12 years for boys & 2 years to 16 years for girls.

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Sana, Skirt - Bolich Blue Stripe
Pal, Shorts - Bright Denim
Piga, Shorts - Bright Denim
Paulo, Shorts - Poppy Stripe
Paulo, Shorts - Alpaca Stripe
Leg, Pants - Butter
Palina, Pants - Plum Dust Dotty
Peter, Shorts - Alpaca Stripes
Pil, Shorts - Moonstone
Leg, Leggings - Chalk
Leg, Leggings - Sheer Rose
Leg, Leggings - Light Hay
Leg, Leggings - Eggshell
Sarah, Skirt - Pale Rose
Sarah, Skirt - Llama
Sarah, Skirt - Banana
Pen, Pants - Llama
Primo S, Shorts - Chalk
Pytte, Shorts - Chalk
Sille, Skirt - Beige Dust
Primo L, Pants - Khaki
Sanne, Skirt - Khaki
Sanne, Skirt - Rose Brown
Pal, Shorts - Sage Incense