Our outerwear for baby and toddler is designed with focus on durability and comfort. Outerwear for baby and toddler must be both functional and comfortable to wear. Suits, thermal pants and trousers are reinforced on both the buttocks and knees. Our technical outerwear is available in both Summer and Winter versions and is waterproof just like our rainwear. Thermal clothing is indispensable transitional clothing and can also be used as an extra thermal layer under our rainwear. Most of our outerwear is Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified and treated with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, a fluorine-free water-repellent impregnation. MarMar baby styles come in sizes 2 months to 3 years.

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Rex, Romper - Paper Boats
Rex, Romper - Berry Bloom
Rex, Romper - Little Rose
Rex, Romper - Little Rabbit
Jules, Jacket with filling - Paper Boats
Jules, Jacket with filling - Berry Bloom
Jules, Jacket with filling - Little Rose
Jules, Jacket with filling - Little Rabbit
Rex, Romper - Beige Melange
Jules, Jacket with filling - Beige Melange
Ojay, Thermo Jacket - Hazel Check
Ojay, Thermo Jacket - Light Moss
Ovalino, Thermo Jacket - Rose Parfait
Ovalino, Thermo Jacket - Hazel Check
Olvig, Thermo Overalls - Rose Parfait
Olvig, Thermo Overalls - Hazel Check
Olvig, Thermo Overalls - Light Moss
Ozu, Thermo Suit - Rose Parfait
Ozu, Thermo Suit - Hazel Check
Ozu, Thermo Suit - Light Moss
Olisa F, Thermo Jacket - Red Currant
Olisa F, Thermo Jacket - Floral Sprinkle
Ozar, Thermo Jacket - Summer Check
Ozar, Thermo Jacket - Sandstone