Vegan Puffer Details

Vegan Puffers from MarMar Copenhagen with Sugenro filling, made of 100% recycled polyester, with the same lightness and warmth as our Light Puffers with down filling. Our Vegan Puffers are for everyone and are the obvious choice if you prefer to avoid animal products.

Our Vegan Puffers are breathable and water resistant, and they are treated with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO impregnation spray, which make them water-repellent, without the use of harmful chemicals. They are Oeko-tex® Standard 100 certified, which is your guarantee that there are no harmful substances in any part of our clothing.

They have matching details and quality zippers from YKK with the pioneering QuickFree functionality. The zip is larger and therefore suitable for children's clothing, as it helps children to more easily open and close the zip themselves. The zipper can also be opened by pulling on the clothing from both sides of the zipper, without pulling down on the zipper itself. QuickFree™ Zipper won the "Prime Minister Award" which is the Grand Prize of Kids Design Award, in 2018.



Introducing our new Vegan Puffer, two styles with wavy quilt pattern that makes it easily identifiable. Soft and light as down, but with 100% recycled polyester filling Sugenro®. Suitable for all, also for those who prefer to avoid products that originate from animals.


Danish Design

All our Vegan Puffer styles are designed to be as perfectly desirable as our Light Puffer pieces. With the same detail and functionality in mind and as lightweight, easy to wear and to bring with you. Every part works properly, looks beautiful and is discreet and elegant. Our shell fabric and body lining are a soft polyester matching in colour, trimmed with matching YKK zippers and soft elastics.



All our Vegan Puffer products contain Sugenro® filling, made of 100% recycled polyester.


Comfort and Warmth

The Sugenro® filling is anti-pilling, is abrasion resistant, will not be distorted, is anti-static ensuring it will stay warm and soft as down when worn.


Bio Water-repellent finish

We apply an ecological water-repellent fluorine-free impregnation called Bionic Finish® ECO. This finish is applied with a spray to the outer fabric so that it is water and soil repellent.

We recommend to only wash if necessary. Light smudge can be wiped off with a damp cloth. That will keep impregnation for longer.


No harmful chemicals

All our Puffer styles lives up to the criteria in Oeko-tex® standard 100. That is your guarantee there are no harmful substances in any part of the product.


How to care

Our Puffers has been impregnated with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, an fluorine-free water repellent finish. To preserve our environment, we recommend not to wash unnecessarily. Light smudge will easily come off with a damp cloth. That will keep impregnation for longer.

Depending on how much wear the garment is exposed to, it is advisable to apply a suitable protection spray to the garment to keep the garment water repellent and extend the life of the garment.