“Make an effort and do good.” That is the mantra of MarMar Copenhagen founder and designer Marlene Holmboe. “From the very first moment I dreamed of starting MarMar Copenhagen, my aim was to create something that was long lasting. Something meaningful – both to you buying MarMar, but also for the children and their future here on Planet Earth.

Creating something that lasts means thinking through the entire process, in detail. The difference always lies in the detail. I continue to focus on every single little detail that can make a difference and create a better big picture.

My vision with our NOOS (Never Out of Stock) program which consists of timeless basics, like our Cotton/Modal rib products, form the foundation of my company. I want high quality basics available to every parent when they need them and not when fashion dictates it and at a price that allow every child the chance to wear something that is comfortable, soft and, as they grow older, will continue to be their favorite thing to wear. Way back in 2008, when I started, this was also my way of minimizing consumer consumption and control an overproduction, which luckily today, has become the fashion industries’ focus.

Producing mainly in Europe, no harmful substances or treatments and with certified fabrics - 70% of our current production is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100® certified, working continuously to increase that number. Our production is carefully planned and transported with respect for the environment. (May 2020.)

People are vital, from the farmers, to yarn spinners, to fabric weavers and knitters, dyeing and printing houses, to cutting and sewing production lines. There are people behind each process, all working hand in hand to create every single garment. These long-term partnerships, built over many years, ensure that we know who we are working with, and what they stand for. We know that they are aligned with our strategy and have the same goals and wishes for the future.

In Danish there’s a wonderful expression that’s hard to translate into English, but I’ll give it a try. ‘Vi gør os umage’. ‘Umage’ is a powerful word – it translates as ‘effort’ which really isn’t sufficient. It’s more a striving to be even better, to do your very, very best in everything you do.

At MarMar Copenhagen ‘Vi gør os umage’”. Ends Marlene Holmboe.