Every product is made to be appreciated

In Danish there’s a wonderful expression that’s hard to translate into English, but I’ll give it a try. ‘Vi gør os umage’. ‘Umage’ is a powerful word – it translates as ‘effort’ which really isn’t sufficient. It’s more a striving to be even better, to do your very, very best in everything you do.

Since 2007, when MarMar Copenhagen started, the aim has been to create children’s clothing which are long lasting. We are very meticulous about every detail in the entire process in details and we aim to be making a difference with the big picture in mind.

We focus on our ethical standards as a business and work to minimize our environmental impact. It is always the big picture at MarMar Copenhagen with both the planet and the children now and of the future in mind – and in our hearts.

In the garment production chain, there are people behind every single process. From farmers, yarn spinners, fabric weavers and knitters, to the people in the dyeing and printing houses, and those in the cutting and sewing production lines. There are people behind each process, all working hand in hand to create every single garment. With that in mind each garment is unique, one of a kind. It is something to appreciate and to take care of in the best possible way.

Our products are long lasting, in both quality, design and colours. They can be passed on and used again and again across seasons.

Enjoy your one of a kind MarMar product ♡


The collections

The foundation of MarMar Copenhagen is our always available Essentials Collection. The best timeless basics, tried, tested and loved by children for years.

Some styles in the collection have existed since the launch of our first collection back in 2007. In our Essentials Collection you´ll find classic Modal jersey and New-born must-haves. Our Home collection in neutral solids. Cool Jeans and classy Shirts. Fine wool basics and luxurious Cashmere. Also, your favourite Outdoor gear: Thermal, Base Layer, knitted accessories and Technical Outerwear.

Our Essential styles can always be used with the seasonal collections because they are indispensable.

MarMar Copenhagen offer six annual Collections. Two main collections; Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter and four smaller collections, High Summer, Summer Outerwear, Winter Outerwear & Celebration collection, designed for Christmas and New Year Parties.

MarMar Copenhagen always produce by orders to minimizing overproduction. We never have huge stock levels in anticipation of higher sales. If you need to order garments between the seasons our Essentials cover most needs.


MarMar fibres and materials

Since the start in 2007 MarMar Copenhagen have focused on good long lasting qualities. Natural fibers have always been our focus and only using manmade fibers when it adds to the function and durability of a given product.

In our collections we use responsible fibers, when they meet our high quality standards, complement the design, and serve a function without compromising the product in terms of durability and functionality.

We define responsible fibers as fibers that help us minimize our environmental impact.

Chemicals in production is common, and chemicals cannot be avoided completely, but cooperating with certified suppliers, is a top priority to us, to ensure that chemistry in our production is within the regulated limits. Our suppliers are all complying with the EU regulation REACH.

The majority of styles in our collections bear the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate, guaranteeing every part of a product is tested for harmful substances and the production facility meets criteria defined by OEKO-TEX too.

On select garments we use deadstock fabrics found in our supplier's warehouse, or in their local market. It makes good sense to fit these qualities into the collection allowing us to use up what already exists.


Among our certified materials are:

Certified Organic Cotton

Certified Organic Cotton & TENCEL™ Modal

TENCEL™ Modal & Cotton

VILOFT® Instead of wool

RWS Certified Wool

ECOVERO™ Viscose

Five Freedoms Wool

Certified Recycled Polyester


You can read more about our certificates above and find products in the individual categories by taping the links.



Our strategy has always been to maintain and build healthy, long-term partnerships with certified suppliers. We know that they are aligned with our strategy and share the same goals for the future. This is our intention with all our business endeavors.

Our suppliers are our partners and colleagues. Their desks are just further away – in another time zone, and they are diverse in culture and tradition, but with a common mindset which binds us together.

Our suppliers are experts in what they do. That is why we choose to work with them. Each supplier is a specialist in their own field. We make our knitwear, outerwear, tailoring and swimwear in China. Our light woven garments, such as cotton and viscose are mainly made in India. Our jersey garments which consist of cotton/modal and viscose jersey, which make up a great part of our collections, are produced in Turkey, Ukraine and India.


Supplier Certifications

It is particularly important for MarMar Copenhagen to collaborate with certified suppliers. We only initiate a collaboration if the certifications meet our requirements. We want to work with responsible and certified suppliers, complying with either BSCI, SA8000, SMETA or GOTS.

The factories facilities are inspected and reaudited repeatedly. This mean that we trust that our products are produced under controlled and reliable conditions, where the workers are offered proper working conditions, the buildings meet the limits, and no child labour is used. We care about the product, the people behind and the environment.

Besides the clear rules of certifications, MarMar Copenhagen also require suppliers to read and sign our Code of Conduct. We clearly mention our statement regarding human rights, labour, environmental and animal standards.

We collaborate with suppliers who take responsibility for the environment and understand that the production facilities can make a big difference. We all have to take responsibility for the future.



Our warehouse is in Denmark, where most of the goods enter before being shipped to our customers. Some goods are shipped directly from our suppliers to our distributors in China and USA to minimize freight.

MarMar Copenhagen produce approx. 70% of our production in Europe, 16% in China and 14% in India.

The production made within Europe is transported directly with trucks. We are working with shipping companies who all aim to reduce their carbon footprint by implementing green deliveries, making electric or hybrid solutions for deliveries and by route optimizations.

For goods produced outside of Europe, we ship by sea as our preference. If something unexpected happens and if the volume is low, we may choose to transport production by air to meet our delivery commitment to our customers. We are always aware of utilizing the space in our shipments and never ship a box only half full.


Webshop packing

All parcels from our web shop comes in 100% climate neutral paper packaging. The packaging can be reused for returns.

The paper packaging is made from Scandinavian wood and grown in FSC®-certified forests. The paper is produced in Scandinavian paper mills, where climate-friendly renewable energy is used. The packaging is FSC-certified and climate-compensated.