Our baby bottoms are designed to be both practical and comfortable to wear. Our baby bottoms are primarily made in soft and flexible qualities. Trousers and skirts made of woven fabrics have elastic or ties at the waist, so the size can be adjusted and give the baby the desired freedom of movement. Rompers and bodies have a practical push-button closure between the legs for easier diaper changes. Bottoms have a good fit so there is room for the diaper. MarMar baby styles come in sizes 2 months to 3 years.

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Piggi, Pants - Cream Taupe
Pow, Pants - Warm Stone Mix
Swen Trunks, Swim trunk - Clover Crab
Swiggo S Shorts, Swim pants - Dark Sky
Swiggo S Shorts, Swim pants - Clover
Swen Trunks, Swim trunk - Peony
Swara Bikini Bottom, Swim pants - Sunset
Swara Bikini Bottom, Swim pants - Sunny Yellow
Pava, Bloomers - Ikat Print Glacier
Panto, Pants - Grey Sand Gingham
Ruben, Pants - Scarlet
Polle, Pants - Warm Stone
Lisa, Leggings - Floral Bloom
Pitti, Pants - Fish Tank
Pitti, Pants - Floral Bloom
Powell B, Sweatpants - Dark Sky
Pelon B, Sweatpants - Baseball Stripes
Pitti, Pants - Storm Cloud
Pitti, Pants - Powder Chalk
Pom, Bloomers - Storm Cloud
Pom, Bloomers - Powder Chalk
Pants S, Shorts - Storm Cloud
Pants S, Shorts - Powder Chalk
Leg, Leggings - Storm Cloud