Are you going on a winter break? Skiing, soaking up the sun, staying home or something else?

Winter Break

If skiing is your thing, we encourage you to check out our winter outerwear, that is both warm and durable, making it perfect for a lot of fun in the snow ☃️🎿. If you planning a sunny holiday, then you should definitely take a look at our swimwear, available with both prints, stripes, great colours and new lacy frills ⛱

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Ode, Winter jacket - Black
Ode, Winter jacket - Darkest Blue
Ode, Winter jacket - Hunter
Ola, Snowpants - Darkest Blue
Ola, Snowpants - Hunter
Olga, Winter jacket - Black
Olga, Winter jacket - Darkest Blue
Olga, Winter jacket - Hunter
Ollie, Snowsuit - Black
Ollie, Snowsuit - Darkest Blue
Ollie, Snowsuit - Hunter
Oriel, Snowsuit - Darkest Blue
Oriel, Snowsuit - Hunter
Orla, Snow pants - Black
Orla, Snow pants - Darkest Blue
Orla, Snow pants - Hunter
Oskar, Winter jacket - Black
Oskar, Winter jacket - Darkest Blue
Oskar, Winter jacket - Hunter