Bloomers for baby

Among our wide range of baby clothing, you'll find lovely and comfortable bloomers designed to provide great freedom of movement without compromising on style.

Bloomers can be styled alone or worn under a dress, both with and without tights.

At MarMar Copenhagen, we understand the importance of good quality and design. All our products are made with care and consideration for both design and functionality.

Discover bloomers in beautiful prints and seasonal colors that complement the entire collection.

With our selection of bloomers for babies, you not only get a stylish look but also a practical and comfortable piece of clothing. Our materials are carefully chosen to ensure durability and comfort, allowing your baby to explore the world with ease and joy.

If you need inspiration on how to style your baby in these adorable bloomers, check out our baby outfit inspiration.


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Pacey, Bloomers - Cornflower Stripe
Pablo, Bloomers - Dijon
Pava, Bloomers - Dijon Stripe
Pablo, Bloomers - Dijon Stripe
Pava, Bloomers - Spring Embroidery
Paka, Bloomers - Blue Mist
Paka, Bloomers - Light Cheek
Paka, Bloomers - White
Pabi S, Shorts - Blue Mist
Pabi S, Shorts - White
Paulo, Shorts - Fresh Air Stripe
Paulo, Shorts - Evening Sun Stripe
Pava, Bloomers - Petite Fleurs
Pants S, Shorts - Barely Rose
Pom, Bloomers - Barely Rose
Pom, Bloomers - Pistachio Mel
Pava, Bloomers - Ikat Print Glacier
Pom, Bloomers - Storm Cloud
Pom, Bloomers - Powder Chalk
Pants S, Shorts - Storm Cloud
Pants S, Shorts - Powder Chalk
Pom, Bloomers - Warm Stone
Pom, Bloomers - Lilac Bloom
Pom, Bloomers - Dijon