Spring til indhold


Spring/Summer 2022 "Let it Grow"

This season we´re close to nature and grandeur is evident, even the smallest things. Everything around us in every stage of bloom, from the tiniest sprout to flowers draped all over. A time to sow, nurture and eventually harvest. Our little universe of diversity.

It´s time for a new summer adventure

Walking through the clotheslines we slip into the back of the garden and the dreamy wilderness, that inspire hours and hours of play. The sweet smell of cookies calling us back to the house.

Sitting under the giant apple tree, we watch the bumblebees lazily travel from flower to flower.

When friends come over, we´ll all venture to the sea, snaking through the tall grass between the fields, arms filled with blankets, buckets, fishing nets and little handmade stick boats. 

Shout it from the tallest tree, whisper it to the smallest sprout: This is our ode to growth.