Spring til indhold


Happy International Children´s Day

Today is also my twin daughters birthday – Happy Birthday Anna & Frida ♡  

We needed premature baby clothes ourselves 17 years ago today, on November 20th, as our twin girls was born 5 weeks before my due date. I knew they´d probably arrive early - I kinda hoped they would too – it was heavy carrying those two at the end.

Everything was different from my first pregnancy 3½ years prior. I never in a million years thought we would have twins, as there are no twins in my family.

As it was my second pregnancy, I felt very relaxed about going to midwife alone… until she found the second heartbeat. It was surreal calling my husband and telling him we were having twins… ha ha our life really flipped around that morning and even more so when the girls arrived. 

The girls were just perfect and small, especilly compared to our son who was 57 cm and 3950 gr., he totally skipped all sizes under 62.

The first 3 days the girls and I were doing just fine - let me tell you, I felt like a superhero! But then they started losing weight and had to get probes. One of our girls got under 2 kg. The superhero feeling vanished, and I was worried - those days felt so long... Luckily it turned and after ten days the girls were fit to go home.

The following week are really a blur too, feeding, sleeping, trying to make heads and tails of it all.

Everything so super oversized on my girls, clothes for babies as small as them were hard to come by, especially back then. Naturally MarMar Copenhagen is available in the smallest sizes too. All in our popular Modal quality, which is a mix of organic, GOTS certified Cotton and Lenzing Tencel, all starting in size 44.

Over the past couple of years MarMar Copenhagen has repeatedly donated clothes for premature babies to hospitals all over Denmark and it´s such a joy to know we´re a helping hand in someone´s hour of need.

We´re celebrating the Children´s Day by donating again to four hospitals in Denmark.

Welcome to the world to all the new babies arriving and happy International Children´s day to you all!

xx, Marlene