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Buzz Buzz… Bumblebees need a helping wing!

What is a Charity Tee?

Every year, MarMar Copenhagen makes a "Charity Tee" which is a T-shirt that will help our planet get back in good shape. The T-shirt is produced in organic cotton, printed and sewn in Ukraine and it comes for both baby, children and adults.

Charity tee


Together we help

All over the world there are big and small ones who need help and support. Some of them are the little winged creatures that fly from flower to flower and create life and growth for all of us, namely the bees.

Through the sale of this season's Charity Tee, we are collecting to take care of our common planet, by taking care of the bees. Therefore, the total sales of this season's T-shirt "buzz buzz bumble bees need a helping wing" will be donated to “Bees for Development”, an international organization working to fight poverty, benefit biodiversity and make life better with bees.


You make a difference

The total sales of this Charity Tee, ie the entire turnover goes to the organization.

If we sell one baby T-shirt, we will send €32,50 to the organization, if we sell 1,000 the amount we send €32.500.

Of course, the T-shirts that our retailers sell also count, so their total sales of this item also go to the bees.


Do you want to help us give the bumble bees a helping wing?

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A child-friendly piece of advice to help the bees

It’s fun to puff dandelions when they are white, and it is actually really good for the bees and something most kids love to do!

We got this tip from Per Kryger , and he knows what he is talking about being a researcher in disease control in bees at Aarhus University.


What does the money go to?

We have to take care of all the bees, because we need each other. We asked our new friends at Bees for Development where the money would be most beneficial and they told us about their project in Uganda to take care of the honey bees and ensure their survival.


Bees for Development, Cisu and the Danish Beekeepers' Association launched a beekeeping project in Uganda last year. In several places you think short-sighted and kill the bees to get the honey. It affects the growth of crops and undermines the livelihood. Through the project the poorest and most vulnerable among other things learn how to stun the bees instead of killing them so that they can collect honey again more quickly. They also learn methods for making hives out of materials that are available, and in some cases they make these mobile so they can move the bees with them. Furthermore, the project also trains them in the production of beekeeping products, eg from beeswax. In some places, honey has the same value as a cow, so sustainable beekeeping can make a huge difference to their lives and can help fight poverty while benefiting biodiversity.


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