Get the little ones ready for winter adventures

Winter outerwear

Whether you’re going to snowy winter landscapes or exploring local sights, we have the perfect outerwear for the winter holidays. Our outerwear is windproof, waterproof, warm, durable - and of course STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. Your guarantee that it’s completely free of harmful substances. Remember the inner layer, so your kids can play for hours without getting cold. Our favorites are soft Merino and warm VILOFT® - a breathable and gentle alternative to wool.

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Almo, Mittens - Wood
Almo, Mittens - Birds
Almo, Mittens - Leopard
Avana, Booties - Wood
Avana, Booties - Birds
Avana, Booties - Leopard
Orla, Snow Pants - Birds
Orla, Snow Pants - Leopard
Orla, Snow Pants - Nori Green
Olan, Winter Jacket - Heavy Letters
Olan, Winter Jacket - Leopard
Olan, Winter Jacket - Nori Green
Omas, Winter Jacket - Nori Green
Omanda, Winter Coat - Birds
Omanda, Winter Coat - Leopard
Osmar W, Puffer Coat - Wood Check
Osmar W, Puffer Coat - Stormy Blue
Omanda, Winter Coat - Nori Green
Otis, Puffer Jacket - Wood Check
Oll, Snowsuit - Heavy Letters
Oll, Snowsuit - Clowns
Otis, Puffer Jacket - Stormy Blue
Oll, Snowsuit - Birds
Otis, Puffer Jacket - Dark Mustard