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New collection SS24 - Postcards from paradise

It´s finally time – the new collection is here! All of us at MarMar are so excited to share the thoughts behind the collection, Postcards from paradise, with you.


P.S.: the dog on the stamp is my dog Arthur and the 16 is because with this collection MarMar celebrates 16 years of making long lasting kids fashion – woop woop!

When making the collection I stumbled upon some photos of old postcards, and it sparked a million ideas with me: of all the places you could send a greeting from - a thought to a loved one from. Obviously from a holiday destination, a summerhouse, the beach – but also from everyday places, like a trip to your favourite bakery, playground or from your new nursery. The list goes on and they are all places you can also use something from this new collection 🫶

So dear friend, I can’t wait for you to see everything I’ve put together for you. Obviously, I haven’t done it all on my own – my team is always vital in bringing it all to life, but you know that! 

I know you love all things Organic, so there’s lot of that! And you enjoy a bit of fun and kookiness, just like me, so look for those quirky touches too.


High quality, it almost goes without saying, when it’s us making it for you  I’ve made sure you’ll have something for every occasion and the colours, well I think they are magnificent. 

With Drop 1 I´m sharing this first postcard of the season, with you. The collection will be delivered in 4 drops – including swimwear with Drop 2, to get you ready for those exotic holiday destinations or fun at your local public pool.

On top of that there´s is an extra drop dedicated to Spring Outerwear, with a great mix of classic and new styles and qualities. Perfect for days with soft sunshine on winter cheeks, occasional rain showers and icy winds. But I´ll send you another postcard about the Outerwear.

We made the photographs of this collection together with three equally lovely and talented ladies, Natalia Horinkova in Portugal, Katya Sinkovskaya in Sweden and Sofie Helsted in Denmark – you get how all of this makes for great postcards?!  

Anyways here in Denmark it´s going to stay cold for a while and that´s perfect, because that means it´s perfect weather for layering up and wearing all your new favourites all at once 🤪

I´ll send you another postcard soon!

Until then,




PS everyone at MarMar Copenhagen sends a lot of love.