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Halloween costume you can make yourself

Flower costume with simple butterflies without the use of a sewing machine


To make this easy homemade Halloween costume, start off by finding leftover fabric you can use for butterfly wings in the drawers, it could be an old tablecloth, duvet cover or some clothes you no longer use, otherwise drop by a thrift store and make a find.


We found two round placemats with embroidery that inspired the first wings, but anything will do. Draw a drop shape on paper and then cut 2 pieces of fabric. To stiffen the wings, we chose to iron thin interlining on the back of all the fabric pieces.

Make a single fold on each of the four wings and sew them together with a few single stitches two by two. Then sew them together all 4.

For the body of the butterfly, cut a small square piece of fabric and rolled a scrap of fabric in as filling. Sew the body together at the back and sew two pipe cleaners. Finally, the body is sewn in the middle of the wings and the butterfly is now ready to be sewn onto a hat.

You can also use glue if you want to skip sewing altogether.

The hat is used as a flower bud, and the tulle skirt and neckwarmer are flower petals.

Now you have made your own unique costume for Halloween or another fun dress up occasion.



P.S. If you want an even easier solution, our Leopard print from head to toe is a nice soft solution that you can also enjoy after Halloween. Tail and ears are optional.

PPS. If you want the easiest solution: a bed sheet, scissors to cut holes for the eyes and sunglasses.