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Cancer Awareness week

The Danish Cancer Society and danish TV2 are teaming up this week, to raise awareness and funds to beat cancer - “Knæk Cancer”. 

MarMar Copenhagen is donating 50.000 dkk.

“The doctors think I have cancer” those were the words, trying to find their way from my phone to my head. Unfortunately, I've already had this phone call more than once and I´m not alone. In Denmark 1 in 3 will develop cancer and 2 in 3 will experience a close relative suffer from cancer. So, most of us will have to face cancer at some point. For all of us it's sure to be a life altering experience, that flips everything upside down. The voice on the phone was my mom the first time and the second time it was my sister, who both had cancer.

The uncertainty, the fear and all the other emotions are a paralyzing experience. Minutes can feel like days and even the shortest wait feels so long, and both the person with the cancer and their relatives can feel so utterly powerless.

Thankfully both my mom and my sister are now both cancer free and luckily so many end up getting all clear. The massive effort within the field of cancer research, secures faster diagnosing, treatment and far higher survival rate. The continued effort will make health staff even better at detecting, diagnosing, curing and securing the best possible way through the illness or at least improving life with cancer.

Fighting cancer is personal to me and that is why MarMar Copenhagen is, once again, donating 50.000 dkk. to “Knæk Cancer”, the Danish initiative to raise money and awareness for cancer.

Sending thoughts of hope, strength and bravery to those of you who are battling the disease.

Founder and designer of MarMar Copenhagen