Modal is MarMar Copenhagen's popular basic styles, in soft rib for both babies and children. Since 2008, Modal has been the foundation of every collection, both in the 7 classic colors and in the colors of the season.


Our Modal products are a mixture of organic cotton and TENCEL™ Modal, some also contain elastane.


What makes Modal special?

  • TENCEL™ Modal is the highest quality cellulosic fiber, made from certified wood pulp
  • TENCEL™ Modal keeps the color
  • TENCEL™ Modal mixed with cotton gives a softer product
  • TENCEL™ Modal mixed with cotton curls less
  • TENCEL™ Modal mixed with cotton becomes more flexible
  • TENCEL™ Modal makes cotton less heavy and compact
  • TENCEL™ Modal mixed with cotton is stronger in washing
  • TENCEL™ Modal mixed with cotton is more durable


TENCEL™ Modal is a registered trademark of the Austrian company Lenzing AG. TENCEL™ Modal fibers are mainly produced from birch trees from sustainable forests in Austria and its neighboring countries, in a closed circuit. Birch forests are natural and a renewable source of raw material. The forests are either FSC® (C041246) or PEFC certified. TENCEL™ Modal fibers have also obtained the BioPreferred® designation from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).


Maybe you are wondering where the cotton comes from? It grows, is picked and spun, in the same place as all our Modal products are sewn - namely in beautiful Turkey.


We are so happy with our Modal blend that we use it in several of our popular products, in addition to our classic rib Modal we use it in: Modal Smooth Rib, Modal Fine Rib, Modal Pointelle, Modal Waffle, Modal Smooth Print and Modal Smooth Solid, which is used for our New Born products.


All our Modal products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, which is your guarantee that all parts of a product, down to every single thread, button and other parts, are tested and guaranteed free of harmful substances for both the environment and health. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a standard that is far more comprehensive than the legislation in Denmark and the EU (REACH) and therefore a good tool for ensuring compliance with legal requirements for harmful chemicals in products.

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Plain Tee W, T-shirt - Red Currant
Plain Tee W, T-shirt - Pink Delight
Plain Tee W, T-shirt - Grey Sand
Plain Tee W, T-shirt - Chalk
Plain Tee W, T-shirt - White Sage
Plain Tee W, T-shirt - Rose Moon
Dress Dira, Dress - Red Currant
Dress Dira, Dress - Pink Delight
Dress Dira, Dress - Grey Sand
Dress Dira, Dress - Chalk
Dress Dira, Dress - White Sage
Dress Dira, Dress - Rose Moon
Skirt, Skirt - Red Currant
Skirt, Skirt - Pink Delight
Skirt, Skirt - Grey Sand
Skirt, Skirt - Chalk
Skirt, Skirt - White Sage
Skirt, Skirt - Rose Moon
Summer Rompy, Romper - Red Currant
Summer Rompy, Romper - Pink Delight
Summer Rompy, Romper - Grey Sand
Summer Rompy, Romper - Chalk
Summer Rompy, Romper - White Sage
Summer Rompy, Romper - Rose Moon