The Sound of Summer

 The SS21 collection from MarMar Copenhagen is a tribute to the light and mild months of the year. From the early spring months, where nature comes alive and you can leave your Thermo jacket unzipped. Late spring, playing outside, sometimes in the rain. Pretty dresses and chunky knitwear. Summer with golden fields, shorts and trips to the beach. To the height of summer with endless summer nights, dresses in the lightest cotton and turning wildflowers into the prettiest bouquets.

The collection is designed in drops and with every drop, you´ll get a new chapter in the tale of Arthur and Ella and more sounds of summer will be added. Every drop has its prints and focuses on specific colours. In drop 1 you´ll find our classic ribbed Modal, as always and from SS21 the cotton is Organic, mixed with high-level Modal Tencel, delivered in recycled polyester bags. The colours of the Modal matches all drops.

SS21 offers new Pointelle in Modal, new soft jacquard, cotton in numerous weaves and weights, classics in Leo print and our favourite Modal blend knitted differently, giving it so many different looks and adding to the list of favourites for both boys and girls as well as their parents.

MarMar Copenhagen wants to be the family´s go-to brand for the best basics. From the first outfit baby wears and a brand for both party and play.

At MarMar Copenhagen focus is on the product, working with great determination in every link, to ensure design, quality and fit go together and that items can be used across seasons and preferably by more than one child. That´s responsible to us and combined with certified fabrics, decent working conditions and as carbon neutral transportation as possible, we hope you can feel that we´re making an effort and doing our best to make great clothes for kids aged 0-16.

With this collection, we want to capture the sound of summer. From spring to high summer. From sunrise to sunset. A collection made for making summer memories, you´ll remember forever.