Snowsuits and winter outerwear for girls and boys

Here is our guide to our durable and practical outerwear:


Winter outerwear

Choose the right size

Especially when it comes to the snowsuit, many may be in doubt. Not least because it is nice if you only have to buy one snowsuit during the season.

A rule of thumb is that you should be able to grab a good handful of the snowsuit over the shoulder or crotch, so that there is approx. 10 cm extra to give off. It is important that it is not much more than 10 cm.

All our winter outerwear fits tightly around the hands and feet, so cold air, water or dirt does is avoided during play.

TIP: our jumpsuits are made so that your child can, or in the long run will be able to, take it on and off without (much) help. In the small sizes there are even two zippers (Oriel), which makes it even easier to get the snowsuit on and off. Your child can grab the zipper and it slides easily.


Extend size

Let the winter jacket and trousers grow with your child.

Our winter jackets (Omas, Omanda, Oskar & Olga) and trousers (Orla) for children have a bit of a built-in stroke of genius: sleeve and leg length can be extended by a few centimeters, so as your child grows, the clothes just grow with them.


What does water column pressure mean?

Water column pressure tells how waterproof a product is. Water column pressure is measured by stretching the substance over a tube filled with water. The water height in the pipe determines how high a water column pressure the material can handle. The higher the water column pressure, the more waterproof the material.

A water column pressure in winter outerwear is typically between 5,000 and 10,000 mm.

A snowsuit with water column pressure over 5,000 mm ensures that your child can be outside in light rain for a few hours or in heavy rain for a short time. With an 8,000 mm snowsuit, your child can stay in heavy rain for a long time without getting soaked. If you choose a snowsuit of 10,000 mm or more, your child can play outside in heavy rain, snow and thaw without having to worry about your child getting wet or damp.

Our Technical Outerwear has a water column pressure of 10,000 mm.

Our Technical Outerwear also has a waterproof membrane, so even if the impregnation wears out, the membrane keeps your child dry.

The membrane means that the outer layer is waterproof from one side but allows water vapor to pass out from the other side. The membrane can therefore be understood as a kind of filter that allows sweat to come out of clothes without allowing snow or sleet to penetrate. 

In addition, our outerwear is impregnated with Bionic Finish Eco, which ensures that the outerwear keeps your child dry.


What does breathable winter outerwear mean?

Breathable winter outerwear has the advantage that your child can breathe through the material. It can thus get rid of moisture when running and playing. 

At breathability above 2,000 g/m2, the outerwear can be used for ordinary play where the child does not get hot. At a value of 8,000 g/m2, the suit can be used for very active play for many hours without your child getting damp.

Our Technical Outerwear has a breathability of 10,000 gr/m2/24

TIP: children under 2-3 years old are not yet so good at temperature regulation themselves, so if it is an unusually warm month of October, then the snow suit can stay in the closet for a little longer. Then we recommend our Thermo clothes instead.


Washing and maintenance of winter outerwear, how?

Winter outerwear should be washed as little as possible!

Our Technical Outerwear shuns dirt as it shuns water. Therefore, it is often enough to wipe it with a damp cloth. And otherwise, use detergent specifically for waterproof clothing - and NEVER use fabric softener. The right detergent helps to retain the impregnation and the material's ability to remain water repellent afterwards. Normal detergents are enzyme-containing that damage the garment's breathability and water repellency. 


Yes thanks to safety, no thanks to harmful chemicals

For safety reasons and because it is practicali it is also a good idea to choose a winter outerwear with a removable hood. All our Technical Outerwear is also equipped with reflectors.


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