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We’ve made an organic t-shirt for charity. With our “The dinosaurs thought they had time too” t-shirt, we will be raising money for the non-profit organization ReForest Now that grows, conserves and regenerates forests. For every AU$ 5 (DKK 25) 1 tree will be planted. This includes everything from seed collection, growing, planting, maintenance and reporting. 

- MarMar Copenhagen’s total sale of this seasonal t-shirt will be donated

Why Australia? You may wonder. Because one way of taking care of the planet for future generations is to help where the help is needed the most.
As the driest continent on Earth, Australia is in desperate need of reforestation. Not only did the Australians experience one of the worst bushfires in recent history where 18.6 million hectares of land perished, they also witnessed nearly 3 billion animals die or getting displaced due to the devastating fire last year.

Trees are Life
The great thing about restoring forests is that they not only provide a healthy ecosystem, they also play a crucial role in fighting global warming since trees store and absorb CO2.

Enough with the Blah blah blah, let’s make a difference together!
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